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Restore Your Gut Health

You Deserve to Eat Without Worry.

You deserve a life free from chronic gut pain and lingering digestive issues.

At Enumclaw Naturopathic, we specialize in revitalizing your gut health, so you can embrace confidence in your own body. Through our comprehensive evaluations, targeted nutritional recommendations, and personalized meal planning resources, we’ll help you to alleviate digestive distress and empower you to feast with fearlessness.

Our Approach to Healing The Gut

The Caroll Food Intolerance Evaluation

Dr. Natalie Walch is a proudly certified Carol Method Practitioner. The Caroll Food Intolerance Evaluation is a naturopathic approach to identifying which foods are disturbing your digestive and detoxification processes and triggering inflammation.

Unlike a standard allergy test, which assesses for immune responses, this approach looks at your unique enzymatic ability to effectively process and metabolize a specific food, food group, or combination of foods.

When foods aren’t properly digested, they can release inflammatory toxins, leading to a range of digestive issues like gas and bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, irregular bowel movements, reduced nutrient absorption, and other health challenges.

By utilizing the Caroll Method, Dr. Natalie Walch is able to support your body’s natural detoxification processes, improve digestion, reduce inflammatory responses, and restore your overall health.

Gut Health Support

Meal Planning Made Easy

Navigating the realm of meal planning to meet your dietary needs can be quite the challenge. It’s time to say goodbye to the “What’s for dinner?” dilemma!

By leveraging insights from your Caroll Method assessment and additional diagnostic findings, Dr. Natalie Walch will craft a straightforward meal plan, providing a curated collection of recipes meticulously aligned with your unique dietary needs. Meal planning with confidence has never been so easy.

Gut Health Support

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